Lt. Robert R. Wilson

Verona Residence: 53 Forest Avenue

Gets Silver Star

GEN. MacARTHUR’S HEADQUARTERS, Australia (AP)–Second Lt. Robert R. Wilson of 53 Forest Avenue, Verona, was among 11 American Officers awarded the Silver Star today by Maj. Gen. George C. Kenney, commander of Allied Air Forces in the Southwest Pacific.

Wilson and two others of the 11 were in a Flying Fortress which struck hard at Rabaul August 12 in an effort to cripple Japanese shipping being used in the Solomons. They blasted their way through a protective screen of Japanese Zeros to reach the target area, fought off the Japanese pilots while they loosed their bombs and held them at bay on the long journey to the home base. As a result of the action they were credited with shooting down four Zeros in addition to sinking or damaging four ships.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson of Verona, parents of Lt. Wilson, were notified by the War Department September 27 that their son had been missing in action since September 16. The associated Press dispatch gave no indication of whether he had been found and was present to receive the Silver Star today or it was awarded in absentia because he is still missing. The Wilson’s have received letters written by their son as recently as September 14 but have had no later word of him than the September 27 notice that he was missing.
Newark Evening News
October 16, 1942

Robert R. Wilson
ID: 0-430646
Entered the Service From: New Jersey
Rank: First Lieutenant

Service: U.S. Army Air Forces, 30th Bomber
Squadron, 19th Bomber Group, Heavy

Died: Monday, January 07, 1946
Memorialized at: Manila American Cemetery
Location: Fort Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines

Awards: Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross,
Purple Heart







Vineland, NJ High School Class of 1935

Vineland, NJ High School
Class of 1935



Purple Heart

Purple Heart

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