Lt. Gordon T. Gates

Verona Residence: 79 Afterglow Ave

Lt Gordon T. Gates, son of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Gates of 79 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, has been killed in action in the Southwest Pacific. A telegram notifying his parents arrived Saturday a few hours after they had received a letter from their son’s commanding officer, Lt. Gen. George C. Kenney, describing achievements for which he recently was awarded the Air Medal.

Lt. Gates, 22, was born in Montclair, attended Montclair Academy and was
graduated from Montclair High School. He left Yale University in his junior year to volunteer in the Army Air Forces in January, 1942. He was commissioned the following September and went overseas last January as a fighting pilot.

He was pilot of a P-38 and had taken part in 25 combat missions between May 27 and August 11 as a member of the Fifth Air Force.

Gen. Kenney’s letter said Lt. Gates had made “a very real and very tangible
contribution to victory and peace” and that he was “proud to have such as your son in my command”. The medal, wrote the General, was awarded “in recognition of courageous service to his combat organization, his fellow American Airmen, his country, his home and to you”.

Lt. Gates, a nephew of County Clerk Russell T. Gates, was the youngest of three brothers in service. The others are Lt. Franklin M. Gates of the Navy, an instructor on the training ship “Prairie State”,  and 1st Lt. Richard Gates, a combat pilot with the Eighth Air Force in England. His cousin, Sgt. Pilot Morris R. Mitchell of Montclair was killed September 9 in England while flying with the Eagles Squadron of the RAF.

Lt. Gates also leaves two sisters Miss Audrey Gates who is in school in Connecticut, and Mrs. Richard King who is at Norfolk, Va., where her husband is a Navy flyer.

Newark Evening News
October 25, 1943

Gordon T. Gates

ID: 0-792014
Entered the Service From: New Jersey
Rank: First Lieutenant

Service: U.S. Army Air Forces, 36th
Fighter Squadron, 8th Fighter Group

Died: Wednesday, October 20, 1943
Buried at: Honolulu Memorial
Location: Honolulu, HI, USA
Plot: Q Grave: 76

Awards: Air Medal


Gordon T. Gates
U.S. Army Air Forces
Montclair, NJ
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Alling,




Gates grave


Photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Gates,  brother of Gordon T. Gates

Photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Gates,
brother of Gordon T. Gates


Photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Gates,  brother of Gordon T. Gates

Photo courtesy of Mr. Richard Gates,
brother of Gordon T. Gates


Air Medal

Air Medal

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